Digestive Enzymes Program

Scalar Light™ Digestive Enzyme Program helps your body work efficiently

Do you find yourself becoming increasingly concerned about your body’s ability to metabolize food quickly and efficiently as you age? The Scalar Light™ Digestive Enzyme Program answers this specific need.

It’s perfectly understandable to have some anxiety about this. You may wonder if your body is absorbing the nutrients it should. Diet and exercise alone do not always produce the results we’re looking for.

The Digestive Enzyme program promotes digestion and proper metabolism of food for enhanced overall health while using your body’s natural ability to receive broadcasts of information from its environment.

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Why are digestive enzymes important?

Digestive enzymes are proteins that regulate reactions in the body responsible for the digestion of food. They break down food and macronutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, and fats so that your body can easily utilize these essential fuels.

Breaking down these larger molecules is critical for energy, cell repair, growth, respiration, and other biological functions. Digestive enzymes are able to accelerate the metabolism of food without being consumed during these chemical reactions.

How does the Scalar Light™ instrument work?

The Scalar Light instrument informationally broadcasts the enzymes included in the Scalar Light Digestive Enzymes program. That is to say, the Scalar Light™ instrument picks up the light signature, or intelligence, of digestive enzymes. This is done by using a simple, magnified photograph of each of the enzymes we include in the program.

It is this “intelligence” that is broadcast to YOUR energy field. Once this broadcast of intelligence reaches YOU, it is your body that understands the instructions on an informational level and begins forming these enzymes.

All cells communicate with one another through light wave energy. Furthermore, Scalar Light™ assures perfect delivery of information so your body can do its job.

Your body begins to follow the instructions given, joining elements or proteins together in order to form the digestive enzymes, amino acids, and minerals your body needs for peak performance.

This serves to promote the digestion and proper metabolism of food. As a result, the Scalar Light™ Digestive Enzyme Program helps accelerate the digestion of food and enhance its absorption.

Digestive Enzymes Program details (NEW)

Your Digestive Enzymes Program sessions run 24 hours a day for the entire duration of your trial or program. What’s more, we offer trials several times per year. You will have the opportunity to try this one time if you are on our mailing list and have signed up for our newsletter. CLICK HERE to receive our newsletter.

After the trial, your investment to continue with the Scalar Light™ Digestive Enzymes Program is $75.00 per month – only about $2.50 per day. We will destroy your photograph at the conclusion of the sessions.

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May God grant you excellent health.

-Thomas J. Paladino

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